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Benefits health system overall

Cal INDEX is an independent, nonprofit company that operates for the benefit of all Californians. Open to all providers and insurers who contribute clinical data, Cal INDEX will provide doctors, nurses and hospitals throughout the state with a unified source of integrated patient information. Cal INDEX intends to collaborate with other health information exchanges throughout the state.

Cal INDEX offers providers:
  • A comprehensive view of a patient’s health information
  • Access to tools to help manage key events or gaps in patient care
  • The ability to provide patients with safer, higher-quality care and improved patient relationships
  • The ability to reduce excess costs associated with care
Cal INDEX offers health plans:
  • A more comprehensive picture of their members’ health data
  • The ability to increase the safety and quality of patient care across the ecosystem
  • The ability to reduce waste and inefficiency
  • The ability to reduce overall excess costs
  • The ability to improve the overall efficiency of their system
Cal INDEX offers individuals:
  • The opportunity to receive safer, higher-quality care:
    • Their health data will be available to doctors, nurses and hospitals regardless of what health insurance plan they have
    • Their health data will be available to healthcare professionals in emergencies, when they may not be able to communicate
    • They can avoid repeated unnecessary tests because their doctor or nurse will know which tests they’ve had
    • They can avoid duplicate prescriptions or dangerous drug interactions because their doctor or nurse can track the medications they’re taking
  • Financial and time savings due to the enhanced efficiency of the health system overall

Advancing healthcare through technology

Cal INDEX intends to encourage healthcare technology innovation by sharing technology standards that will allow others to create innovative offerings that will work with the Cal INDEX platform.

Cal INDEX also has the capability to benefit public health by providing de-identified data that can be used for medical research.

Are you a provider, health plan or regional California HIE interested in participating in Cal INDEX?