Protecting your information

Your privacy comes first

Cal INDEX adheres to privacy and security standards established by federal and state entities. The Cal INDEX system is highly secure, using advanced and up-to-date security systems, including physically secured systems, complex passwords and modern encryption techniques.

Patient Privacy

Cal INDEX respects a patient’s right to privacy and will follow all applicable state and federal privacy laws.

Cal INDEX has built on the best recommendations regarding privacy and security of patient data provided by the California Office of Health Information Integrity (Cal OHII), consumer groups and regional HIEs in California that have done considerable work to establish guidelines around patient consent. Cal INDEX has a Chief Privacy Officer and a Notice of Privacy Practices.

Patient Participation

If a patient’s healthcare provider or health plan is participating in Cal INDEX, that patient will likely be enrolled in Cal INDEX and eligible for the benefits it provides. Any patient of a participating provider or member of a participating health plan who does not want their health information shared with health providers or health plans on the exchange can choose not to participate in Cal INDEX. No healthcare provider participating in Cal INDEX will deny medical care to a patient who chooses not to participate, and insurance eligibility will not be affected by the choice to participate or not participate.