Consumer Benefits

Cal INDEX was created to help improve healthcare in California by securely sharing patient information with physicians, hospitals and health plans at the point of care. When caregivers have timely access to relevant information, they are better able to keep us healthier, provide better care when we’re ill and reduce costs by identifying unnecessary or duplicate orders for prescriptions, images, lab tests and other procedures.

Benefits of Cal INDEX to consumers include:

  • Health information, such as a list of drugs one is allergic to, is available to your doctors in emergency situations

  • Quick verification and tracking of medications helps avoid adverse drug interactions and duplicate prescriptions

  • Avoiding duplicate tests and services means fewer out of pocket expenses

  • Information follows as you move to new insurance plans, providers and communities

Cal INDEX takes privacy and security very seriously and it’s our number one focus. We do not collect financial information nor social security numbers. Additionally, we encrypt all data at rest and during transit. For more information on how we protect your information, please visit our Privacy and Data Security page and review the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Example of how Cal INDEX can help in an emergency situation.

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