Serving patients by supporting providers

Real-time access to vital health information

Cal INDEX offers a number of products and services to healthcare providers, researchers, health plans and health IT entrepreneurs that will help them improve patient care and reduce overall healthcare costs.

For healthcare providers, Cal INDEX offers:
  • Data integration
  • Provider portal that displays data, alerts and analytics (works with most major EMR systems)
  • Longitudinal patient records (LPRs)
  • Basic care management tools
    • Event-based alerts, such as admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) alerts
    • Reminders
For researchers, Cal INDEX offers:
  • Access to one of the largest health data repositories in the world. Academic research institutions and other third-party organizations may be able to use Cal INDEX de-identified data for research to benefit the public good, such as population health initiatives. Research will abide by scientific principles and will be managed through an Institutional Review Board (IRB) or equivalent process. This access will be carefully managed and monitored to ensure alignment with the goals of Cal INDEX.
For health IT entrepreneurs, Cal INDEX offers:
  • Shared technology standards that can be used to create innovative offerings that will work with the Cal INDEX platform



For health plans, Cal INDEX offers:
  • Access to integrated payer/provider datasets on their members
  • Integrated patient data that enables accountable care organizations (ACOs), patient-centered medical homes (PCMH), and other innovative care delivery models to develop differentiating advanced analytics

Are you a provider, health plan or regional California HIE interested in participating in Cal INDEX?